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Natural building materials offer your space a truly unique design element, complete with longevity, versatility and ease of maintenance. Give us your detailed ideas, choose your preferred material and bring your dream project to life with Coldspring!

Dream Big & Know Your Options

We offer a variety of domestically-sourced natural stone and quartz materials, each of which possesses its own unique characteristics and makes for an incredible choice when designing your dream garden, lively outdoor living space, Instagram-worthy kitchen or a headquarters your company can proudly call home. Explore each of your options below.


Perhaps the most durable of all the natural stone materials we offer, granite is both scratch- and heat-resistant, making it an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor grilling stations.


Attractive, resilient and available in a variety of different colors, quartz is an excellent option for countertops and other indoor surfaces that call for infectious and radiant energy.


Soapstone is rustic in appearance and non-porous in composition. This versatile material is uniquely stain-resistant and has the ability store heat where desired.


Highlighted by its timeless elegance and ability to be shaped easily, marble is a flawless choice if you are looking to add a touch of luxury and a splash of brightness to your space. 


Natural stone

Natural Stone Walways


More Information About Our Natural Stone Building Materials For Homes & Businesses

Have additional questions for the Coldspring team? Trying to figure out which natural stone is the best option for your unique project? Our design experts are here to help!