Landscaping & Outdoor Living

Natural Stone for Hardscapes, Outdoor Living Spots & Commercial Spaces

Whether you’re entertaining guests all evening or you’re simply kicking back on the weekend, outdoor living spaces should be your kingdom – an oasis of happiness, comfort and relaxation. The right natural stone components can transform your hardscape and outdoor areas from “forgettable patio” to “photo-worthy fortress of luxury.” 

Natural Stone Steps


Excellent for walkways between your home to your outdoor oasis or as a welcoming entrance to your business, flagstone and steppers differ simply based on how large you would like the stones that line your pathway to be. 

Natural Stone Steps New York


Stair treads are rectangular slabs of natural stone designed for high traffic and increased friction where it matters most. Function meets fashion when you choose the perfect stone to match your outdoor landscape. 

Natural Stone Outcroppings


Organically rugged, inherently unique, outcroppings possess a rustic ambiance and can be used as steps, supportive retaining walls or accent elements for a picturesque landscape surrounding your office headquarters or the place you call home.

Wall Stone from Upstate New York’s top natural stone product supplier

We offer top quality, quarry-sourced natural wall stone for your home project. Round, square, irregular or tumbled – no matter your style of choice, Coldspring can make it happen.

Natural Stone Wall Caps


When positioned just right, wall caps can act as the perfect accent and topper to your outdoor retention walls. Smooth, pristine and easily maintained – natural stone allows you to put an elegant bow on top.

Natural Stone Pavers


Pavers and stepping stones offer an added sense of elegance as you make your way from A to B. With reduced risk of deterioration and discoloration, natural stone is the perfect choice when designing your outdoor pathway. 

Outdoor Kitchen Project


There are a number of things to consider when outfitting your outdoor kitchen with natural stone. What level of heat retention is desirable? How easy will maintenance be both in the short term and long term? Which combination of durability and beauty works best for you? Our experts can help you answer all your questions.

Natural Stone Benches


Humans naturally gather together, so why not gather around natural stone? Our building materials are structurally sound and have the ability to withstand long-term weathering, countless fires, endless conversations and an incredible amount of usage. 


Ready To Get Your Project Started?

Coldspring is with you every step of the way – from initial consultation where we compile your wish list, to the fabrication phase where we cut the stone to your unique specifications, we bring your dream outdoor space to life. Have additional questions about our natural stone for hardscapes?